Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Turn your sketches into “work” of art

One student designed a medallion used in a movie as the main character’s “magic medallion.” Another became a watchmaker in Germany. Some have opened their own jewelry stores or watch repair shops. Others go to work in factory service centers repairing jewelry and watches.

All completed the Jewelry Design and Watch Repair program at Bishop State.

This 18-month program (nine months for each certificate) has been around since 1965. Today, 14-16 students go through the dual program every year, and many go on to receive their national certification.

Stephen Lange, program instructor, said the Bishop State program is the only full-time program of its kind in the state of Alabama, and one of only 11 watch repair programs in the country.

It’s a program, however, that gives artists and designers a practical outlet, in terms of employment, for their talents and skills.

Each nine-month program begins in the Fall. Visit for more information about registration dates, financial aid deadlines, and a course schedule.

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